Shred 10: Shred it. Live It. Share It.

Be Apart of Our Shred 10 Community!

Shred10 is a fun, effective, and do-able jumpstart to better health. For 10 days you will shred the food and habits that are not serving you and focus on clean living while flooding your body with whole food nutrition from 45 different fruits, veggies and berries (with a group of other Shredders). The 10 day jumpstart is the beginning of a 4-month period of education and healthy changes that will revolutionize your health for the year to come!

Shred10 Program Includes:

50-page "Shred Guide" eBook filled with:  

Success Tips Education Shred-Approved Recipes Smoothie Ideas On-The-Go Snack Lists And More! 

Our Private Facebook Accountability Group. If You Don't Have Facebook, We Will Connect Via Text. 

A Full 4 Weeks of Menus (So You Know Exactly What To Eat)

Our Pre-Shred and Post-Shred Meetings (Held Virtually Via Computer)

Access to Our "Freedom from Emotional and Binge Eating" Podcast Plus Additional Tools and Resources.

Taste The Shred Cooking Guide

This free 90-page eBook is available exclusively to Shred10™ participants. It is a robust collection of plant-based meal ideas and healthy cooking tips and tricks from members of our community all over the US and Canada. Our goal was to keep it simple and give you lots of variety at the same time. You will love this eBook and use it for years to come!  

How to get started? Commit to doing the Shred10 for at least 10 days with the group. The best practice is to Shred 10 days of each month.

How Does This Sound? 

P.S. The Shred 10 Program is COMPLETELY Affordable! 

You Just May Be Surprised!