Grow Your Own Food with Tower Garden


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it take a lot to assemble and manage?  

It will take less than an hour to assemble your Tower. It waters itself. You'll want to check the water levels every couple of weeks in cool climates and more frequently in warmer weather. You'll add water and nutrients when they're low. We recommend cleaning twice a year.  

How long did it take to grow?  

In approx 1.5 months you will able to eat from it. It grows like crazy! You'll be able to harvest from it daily. You can grow all year long.

What about bugs?  

If you see bugs, first wash them off. If they persist use neem oil and dish soap. There are many organic way to manage bugs, we'll be sure to share those resources with you!

Other details to note:

When you purchase your Tower Garden growing system everything you will need to get started is included. You will receive a variety of starter seeds. Once your first payment is made your Tower will ship. It will generally arrive in 5 to 10 business days.

It can be paid up front, however there is no interest or additional fees for making payments.  

There are accessories and other items one could purchase if desired, such as a support cage or wheels. Many get the dolly/wheels which will allow you to move your Tower Garden around with ease. 

There is a 90 day return policy, which is awesome. If for any reason you are not satisfied you can return it for a refund (minus shipping)  

What if I have questions and need support?  

Reach out to us anytime. More importantly there is an excellent facebook user group we will add you to. Anytime you have a question, post it there, and someone will answer it pretty quick. We also have a LIVE growers meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month at 12:30pst for our growing community. This allows us to can connect, share ideas and get questions answered.


Rosemary's Tower After Only 4 Months Temecula, CA