Robin Allen, MA, Nutrition Strategist has inspired thousands of people to approach their overall wellness from a unique perspective.  

Robin has been featured on CNN Headline News, and countless other media outlets sharing her insight on food, nutrition and inner wellness. She has also been recognized by several state and local officials for her work in health.  

Robin is an in demand nutrition expert and presenter, conducting workshops, classes and seminars on The Necessary Nutrition Formula to Wellness as well as the Necessary Nutrition Blueprint to Design Your Best Life. She is called upon often by major companies, corporations and organizations to conduct classes and design nutrition and wellness programs. 

Robin has worked with 1000's of clients as well as countless companies and organizations. Here is a partial list:

• Riverside Community College • Riverside County • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center • Mathis Brothers • Inland Empire Women Business Center • San Bernardino County • Non-Profit Resource Center • Eastern Municipal Water District • Western Municipal Water District • The City of Riverside • Sysco Foods • Parkview Hospital • Grove Church • Cap Baptist University • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist • Webb and Associates • Romac, International • The American Cancer Society • Alvord Unified School District • State of California –Board of Equalization • 1st National Bank • United Way, Inland Valleys • Holistic Health Chamber of Commerce • Art Institute, San Bernardino • Corona Women’s Business Partnership • Lobb & Plewe, LLP  

What's Included in Your Nutrition/Wellness Program?

  • Your One Hour Nutrition Strategy Session Conducted Via Phone or Video Chat
  • Your Customized Nutrition Plan/Wellness Roadmap Which Includes Four Weekly Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping List and Best Practices. 
  • Four Weekly Accountability Calls With Specific Action Items
  • Necessary Conversations: Personal Development Component That Challenges You to Ask the Right Questions of Yourself Which Can Lead to Breakthroughs and Help You Close the Gap Between Where You are Today and Where you Want to be in Multiple Areas of Your Life
  • "Strategically Design Your Life" Workbook
  • Over the Next 12 Months You Will Be Introduced to a New Expert within the Fields of Health, Wellness and Personal Development. See Below for the List of Experts

After our initial four weeks together you can (and should) continue with the tools we created on your own. If you find that you prefer more support and want to continue with the Necessary Conversations component you can renew the program as needed on a monthly basis at a reduced rate. Either way you will have continuous access to the educational component of the program for 12 full months.


I have worked successfully with thousands of people. Here are a few sharing their story:  

How it Works:

Step 1: Sign up using the "Getting Started" link below. 

Step 2: Complete the profile questionniare (it will be sent via email)

Step 3: Schedule your nutrition strategy session

At times there is a waiting list, as I work only with a specific number clients per month. If you are placed on the waiting list your spot will be reserved for the following month. 

As soon as you sign up you will receive access to our first wellness expert!

Do have you additional questions? You can email your questions to OR we can schedule a quick exploratory call! 

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You Will Receive Ongoing Educational Programming 

We are committed to delivering unique programming that will have a positive impact on the way you live. We collaborate with skilled professionals in the fields of health, wellness and personal development in order to provide you with ongoing educational programs and valuable wellness tools. Each month you will receive a webinar or audio interview featuring an experts below.

You'll Meet the Following Experts Over the Next 12 Months 

Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW, Psychotherapist As women we experience life stressors and transitions that sometimes feel overwhelming to deal with. During this interview we explored, tips and techniques to help strengthen our emotional well being as well as develop more effective habits to manage problems and anxiety.

Women and Heart Disease: Dr. Ayo Bankole, ND  

Discover: The signs and symptoms for women, what screenings and lab tests every woman should request, what you must know about calcium and heart disease from the perspective of naturopathic medicine (an alternative approach) 

Female Hormone Management: Dr. Leita Harris, MD  

Dr. Harris is an expert in female hormone management. She will discuss creating and improving our energy and productivity through hormonal balance. A lot of women suffer when we don't need to! This is information over woman needs to know!

The Law of Attraction: The Science of Creating Magic and Daily Miracles in Your Life: Jeanette Maw

Discover what you must do TODAY to create a shift in your life and how to use the tools.  

Protecting Your Thyroid: Dr. Cynthia Preston, ND

Thyroid dysfunction is one of the most common health problems for women. 50% of the cases are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Thyroid cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in North America.  

DISCOVER: The best nutrition for your thyroid--which foods to avoid and which foods to include in your diet (you'll be surprised) , How to determine if your thyroid is working properly or NOT! The important thyroid test you must request from your doctor (that is often left out) And so much more.....

How the Food Industry Flavors Your Food: Phillip Barone, Flavor Chemist

Discover How The Food Industry Uses Chemical Engineering In Order To Create Artificial Flavors For The Food And Beverages We Consume. 

The Truth and Myths About Exercise: Austine Browne, Fitness Expert

Discover what you should focus on and in which order to get greatest benefit for your efforts.

Colon Detox: How This Secret Weapon Can Help You Feel Brand New: Cece Alvarado, Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist 

Carrie Madrid: My Cancer Extravaganza

In 2011 Carrie Madrid, a 40 year old, single mother of three was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through laughter, lipstick and her "cancer extravaganza" Carrie found her life's purpose. 

Women Who Triumph: Therry Hansen

What started out as a regular Friday morning in 2007 turned into a day that would forever change the trajectory of Therry's life. Her husband of 20 years had a secret.....  

Strong women can create a new foundation from the bricks that others have thrown at them!  

Through pain, shame and despair, Therry has rebuilt her life and is A WOMEN WHO TRIUMPHS!

How to Combat The Five Factors of Aging That Shorten Your Lifespan: Dr. Romeo Brooks

Heroic Transformation: Amazing People Who Conquered Lupus, Diabetes and Other Autoimmune Challenges With Food: Miranda Hawkins and Mike Pestano

Do You Have Additional Questions: Email your questions to OR CLICK HERE to schedule a quick pre-call. It's important that you complete the questionnaire before scheduling the pre-call.  

Additional Testimonials....... 

 Robin Banks

Robin and the Nessy program have been such a great help in getting me back on track. As a repeat client, I had completed her program before a couple of years ago but had gotten off track when work and life in general had gotten in the way. The 4 week customized program helped me to refocus not only on my eating but on my overall well being. I'm so grateful to have Robin as a resource when I need guidance!  

Thanks, Crystal Bonker