Why Join The Nessy Community?

We are committed to serving YOU by delivering unique programming that will have a positive impact on the way you live. We collaborate with skilled experts in the fields of health, wellness and personal development in order to provide you with ongoing nutritional counseling, educational programs and valuable wellness tools.

Member Benefits Include:
(Membership Valid For One Year)

Member Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition Strategy Session
Your Nutrition Roadmap (Includes Menus, Recipes, Meal Ideas, Shopping List and More)
Weekly Accountability Program

Quarterly Menu and Recipes Updates 

Member Education
Necessary Wellness Monthly Audio Interviews
Member Only Webinars
Live Classes Quarterly (Includes Dinner)

Member Discounts
15% Off All Necessary Nutrition Supplements
10% to 30% Off Partner Products and Services

Member Connections
Member Only Facebook Group
Member Only Website/Access to Content Archive
Ongoing Access to Wellness Experts 
Connection to Our Like-Minded Community.

What's Happening at the Necessary Nutrition Academy?
Hear From a Few Members, Nutrition Program Participants, Meet a Few Instructors........

May Tom, RD

Instructor, Cancer Fighting Cooking Class

Crystal Meisner

Enlightening Programming

Robin Allen, MA, NC

Words of Wisdom: So You Wanna Lose Weight?

Jennifer Connolly

Why I Love Nessy

Danae Delaney

Aches and Pains Gone Quick

Lourdes Leon

Down 20 Pounds and I Look and Feel Good

Gainer Oliver

I Have the Fornula! I Dropped 50 Pounds and I Still Eat Sweets

Tina Miller

I Am Off of My Diabetes Medication Because of Necessary Nutrition

Pat Sweet

This Program Has Completely Changed My Life

“I am a member of Necessary Nutrition because it gives me a support system of like-minded individuals.  I listen to the audios and attend a class at least once a month. It is nice connecting with fellow members and sharing how we have incorporated what we have learned and applied to our everyday living.  With every class or seminar I always take away some new tidbit of information that I can incorporate into my everyday life; whether it is a recipe, a use for coconut oil, how to use a dry skin brush, or just the basics of nutrition, I always learn something new.

Karlene Bond

Lifetime Member

I am always very intrigued by the information given.  I am happy to be a part of a community of people trying to lead healthier lives.  Necessary Nutrition has helped me lose unwanted weight and completely reform the way I look at food.   Every month I have the opportunity to attend a broad variety of classes that pertain to my lifestyle and things I am interested in learning more about..”

Debra Jefferson

Lifetime Member

“Through Necessary Nutrition I have gained a new perspective.  The speakers are phenomenal! The products are better than what's on the market and the information is invaluable.  Try it, it will change your life for the better!”

Tarry Bartley

Lifetime Member

Lisa Grammatico

Guest Instructor
The Adventures
of Olive Oil

Trina Mathinson

Discount Partner
Derma Spa/Esthetician

Dr. Sylvie Wellhausen

Guest Instructor
The Calcium Myth

Coach Fatimat

Guest Instructor
Fitness for Busy Woman

Dr. Wayne Dysinger

Guest Instructor

Chef Vanna and Members

Enemies of
Nutrition Class

What Others Say.....

So glad I found you.  Necessary Nutrition has been a true blessing in my life.  I discovered so much in the last session on Ph Balance.  Thank you so much for what you are doing.

Sylvia Kennedy |

I really enjoy the interviews each month.  I listen to them on the way to work or while I’m taking a walk.  There are several of them that I continue to listen to over and over again. .

Kathy Anderson |

Robin, thank you for being available to answer my questions and concerns. Thank you for connecting me to so many useful resources.

Katie Jones |

You connected me to a resource that helped to save my life! I had a medical issue in which my traditional doctor had no clue and she only wanted to medicate me.  You pointed me to the Inland Naturapatic Medical center and they were able to get to the root of my issue and now I am 100% better.  My membership has been the best investment ever! I received my discount but more importantly my issue is no longer!  I am so grateful!!!

K. Malone

Here are a Few More Experts That Have Shared Their Expertise With Members of The Necessary Nutrition Academy. 
Each Month We Feature a Variety of Presenters.

Dr. Cynthia Preston, ND

Women's Health and Hormones

Angela Alexander, Author

Miracles in Action:  Turning Pain into Power and Grief Into Peace

Dr. Subhas Gupta, MD, CM, PhD, FRCSC, FACS

Needles Over Knives:
Minimally Invasive Methods for Looking Your Best

Hope Suhr, Chestologist

Your Health and Your Bra

Dr. Ayo Bankole, ND

Women and Heart Disease

Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW

Peace and Mindfulness Class


Membership is Valid for a Full Calendar Year!


Nurturing You/Female Hormone Management
Dr. Letia Harris, MD


Inland Naturopathic Medical Center (Naturopathic Doctors)
Dr. Ayo Bankole and Dr. Sasha Blissett

Inner Health Care Colonics

Fit Foods


New programming is offered monthly.  Online classes are held, February, May, August and November.  They will be recorded in case you miss the live session.  Our live (in-person) classes are held the last Wednesday in January, April, July and October from 6:30pm to 8:00pm downtown Riverside.  Dinner is included.